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Mr Ernie A Professional Sports Investor Since 1989
Retired Nascar Official, Husband,Father,Sports Coach,Enjoy Life Person & 30+ Year Private Sports Investor
I (E-W) provide Winning Picks on MLB,NFL,NBA & College Football & Basketball along with Nascar & few UFC fights at times.
I do not offer "Write Up Games" or Games Of The Year, Or Guaranteed Locks" Clowns that use these Terms are (Scammers) Selling you Hype"s! ( Run Like Hell When U See This) These Clowns will eat your Bankroll Quick,!
I have been a Sports Investor for over 30 years and have did a pretty good living with it & still do & always will.
I don't win everyday or every week (Some clowns say they do) but i will help "us" beat the books together "Long Term".
I do wager every play i give you as a client (you win i win) (you lose I lose) very few other clowns never wager there plays & never will,!
Enough said ""Give Me A Shot! & We will >>Bank It Together<<


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