Sports  Investing For Over 30 Years, 

Handicapping  Football, Basketball, Nascar & Mlb

EW Sports Picks (Sports Handicapper)


EW Sports Picks (Sports Handicapper)

 "EW"  A Retired Nascar Official That Specalizes in providing winning picks on most sports. As a Sports Investor for over 30 years I have decided to go public and share my  hobby and my personal sports investments.  Now that im retired I spend full time sports handicapping & want to help Serious Investors beat the books together. I am looking for Serious Investors Only. 


How Picks Are Rated

First of all I don"t offer "information games" , all my games are thorughly researched way before I  make a smart investment and like to keep it a secret how I pick winning games. "Hey if I can make you money let it ride,"! I will say im one of the few sports handicappers world wide on internet that wagers every game he gives his customers. (90% of them dont) & never will ),. Just remember When you Win I Win , when you lose we lose together. Let me also add some days there may be no plays reason is because I play to Win, Not to Play.


Rating of Plays are 5-10 * Star)  This is for Money Management. 

 5* normal play, 8* Very Strong.  10* Very Rare


My Documented Records

My Goal

My goal is to build a long standing relationship with all my clients. The sports handicapping industry has been ugly with Scams, & Thiefs for years, crooks that just want to make a dollar. I promise I  will do what it takes to build good clients and keep them with the faith of honesty &  and integrity and we make these sport investments together & be friends & partners forever.  Again this is a Serious Business & I am looking for Serious Investors Only.